Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From New Jersey Jessica's Design Shop

Please welcome my last guest from New Jersey , Jessica's Design Shop.She is a graphic designer with a background of architecture. After she designed her own wedding stationary , she got so many compliments and decided to help other brides with her designs. Her creations are not only functional but also very elegant.

S: What is your name and what is the story behind your shop’s name?

J: My name is Jessica. I don't really have much of a story behind the name of my shop, it's where I create my designs so it's my design shop.

S:How did you find Etsy and what made you join to Etsy?

J: My cousin crochets and she has a shop here on Etsy. I started mu business through my blog and it became very popular right away so I wanted to get more exposure. After doing some research, I found that Etsy seemed like the right fit for me.

S: What inspires you in creating your work?

J: My education is in architecture and I think that a lot of my work comes from that. Maybe not so much the motifs, but definitely the composition of my designs.

S: We would love to hear your daily routines if there is any.

J: My daily routine is quite busy. Without too much detail, I take care of my baby and work. There is usually a trip to the post office and UPS in between. And I try to watch a little tv at night if I can.

S:What is your favorite book?

J: OK, my favorite book at this point in my life is Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. I guess I am in total baby mode, but this book helped me through this past year and I really enjoyed it.

S: What was your last travel destination?

J: Walt Disney World.

S: What do you do to relax?

J: Umm, I don't know how to anymore!!!!
S: Do you have any suggestions to a new Etsian seller in creating and maintaining their shop?

J: Renew, renew, renew and make sure your photos are good.

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