Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To wrap up the September Pawtucket Open Studios

This year with POS was a little interesting while at the same time fun for me . I get to know that I could have fun even though there is not much fun around. The first night was a little slow to my surprise. I couldn't get to meet with my other artist friends with whom I was going to share the room. Well they didn't show up:((. Anyways, so in that huge room I was like a squatting bird:)). I tried to decorate but the room was at least 3 times bigger than my whole house, it was a little challanging for me. I gave up and kept my spirit up and it worked. I guess with that manner, I had good sales and I met a lot of prospective repetitive customers. Also, my friends , Hilal ( and her son, Alex, and Suzan ( and her daughter , Sude had visited me and cheered me up. Last but not the least I want to thank to my Sevim Teyze who had helped me whole alot in wrapping up and dismantling...

Here are some pictures of my "Studio":

My so called "studio"

The Saturday night with Putamayo "Turkish Groove" CD playing at the background

My Friday night Creation

My original "Flower of Hope" Bracelets

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some pictures from the Hope Artists Village Event

These are some of pictures that I want to share from Hope Artists Village Event... It was somewhat slow, but the visitors were interested in my styles and I hope I will get to see most of them again in my upcoming show on Friday at the Pawtucket Open Studios. Please see below for more information about this show...

Enjoy the pictures

From my booth

My Love Erin at mama's booth

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hope Artist Village Fall Open House---TOMORROW NIGHT

I want to announce that I will be at the 3rd annual Fall Open house of Hope Artist Village tomorrow night, September 12. This is my first year and I am so excited about it. Wish me good luck . I hope I 'll see lots of familiar faces :)).

You can find the details at under the 3rd Annual Fall Open House.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AS of September 9....

As I mentioned you before, my little BIG baby has started to daycare as of Tuesday... Tomorrow is her second day ... It was tough on Tuesday , I think for all of my little circle of family... She is sleeping like an angel now, and I always say tomorrow is another day.