Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Motivation

Ladybug on my Wrist Series


Onyx said...

this is Ali.
Im a handmade jewelry model maker.
I have a little workshop in tehran and I want to know where do you work. please,
I want you see my works and say your opinion.
your works are beautiful.
I make my hand mades by gemstones like tourmaline topaz citrine agate jasper and amber opal and ever natural stones like that.please cantact me.
Ali baghizadeh

Sema Gurerk- Floweredsky Jewelry said...

Hi Ali,
I am honored that you liked my work. I work from my home studio in Rhode Island, USA. You can see some of my work at
Do you have a website with your work?
Looking forward to hearing from you
Best Regards

Onyx said...

Hi sema.
how s know I cant speak english like you.any way.
unfortunatly I dont have a website yet. but I m trying to design it,but I make a weblog recently.

you can see some of my works in it.

Sema every day I make a new work with gemstones.If you want I can send their pics for is my passion.
I hope that you like my works.
I ll wating for your comment.
have a good time

Sema Gurerk- Floweredsky Jewelry said...

You have beautiful and outstanding work... Keep up the good work and try to set up up account at It is easy and really effective. I really liked your pendant with lapis lazuli . That is one of my favorite stones.
Good luck on your work ...
Have a great day

Onyx said...

Oh thanks Sema.

I did your offer and register in etsy.
nice works.
I saw the rings and pendant in etsy.

and I want to know that: can I cooperate with etsy?? I think I can make beautiful jewelry for etsy.

you can see my new post.I made another a lapis lazuli pendant.
I liked it very much. and I didn t want to sell it.

sema one of my favorite stones is tourmaline specialy blue.
but that is a rare stone.

I was very happy from your comment in the morning.

I want very best wishes for you.