Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Nest

I am new on blogging and a little hesitant what to write and how to start. Let's see:))
And I go...
I am very busy with my 13 month old daughter, Erin, my love , my motivation, my exhaustation and everything else as all the parents would think of.
Also I am trying my best to create everyday for my upcoming art shows before Christmas...
AND ETSY is becoming my secured nest everytime I feel stuck . It is really a great website that has really talented people in one place.
In September my little angel will start to daycare for 2 days a week and hopefully I will work on my designs, my websites, and my upcoming wholesale projects more efficiently.

Last but not the least I want to thank my wonderful husband who's been so understanding and supportive to me in these days with what I am trying to accomplish ...

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